What Is All The Fuss Around Pokémon GO

The word Pokémon arose from a combination of the words Pocket and Monsters. During its unveiling the Pokémon GO app witnessed record breaking downloads which surpassed Twitter users and creates more social media engagement than Facebook. It has instantly become an overnight sensation since it was first made available for download. In every country it has been unveiled it has dominated the charts.

What Is Pokemon Go?

Pokémon GO is a game operating on the augmented reality platform in addition to being location based. Players and users are able to locate and trap the Pokemon by using their Android or iPhone smartphones.

Through use of Global positioning the app enables the user to walk around the real world and catch some small virtual monsters known as Jigglypuff or Pikachu. You can also train the creatures to be able to fight one another. The concept of the small monsters arose from the 1990s Nintendo Game Boy. This was the first time the Pokémon brand was actually becoming a smartphone game.

Pokémon GO

The game is fascinatingly free for all, however users have the capability of making in-house purchases. The purchases ease your advancement throughout the game and are necessary to keep progressing. The more the user has to build their Pokémon Go cheats inventory they will have to incur some expense to hatch, train, battle and store. The intrigue the game offers is very addictive.

A Step into Future Technology

Nintendo which came up with the App has witnessed a rise in its market value and share price. Leading industry experts are convinced that Pokémon GO is the pace setter for other augmented reality apps. The app has proven that the augmented technology can also be incorporated into other sectors such as design, education, entertainment, healthcare, customer service, insurance among others. The Pokémon GO was a simple advance that might open several doors operating on the augmented reality technology.

Hay Day

Hay Day Review

The Internet is full of simulation farming games. These games attract a wide demographic of people. Not only do these games appeal to the young but also to the young at heart. One of the most popular games that can be found on the Internet these days is the farming game, Hay Day. Hay Day is a game where the player has the opportunity to create and grow their own small farming community of their very own. Many users also use Hay Day cheats to receive some extra resources.

Hay Day’s farming community offers the player a unique look into the life of farming. The developers have done a wonderful job in creating a true to life farming experience. The graphics in the game stand out above all the competition’s graphics and offers players numerous opportunities to grow farm animals and crops to create a unique farm of their own.

Hay Day

The game is extremely easy to play but also offers a challenge as the farmer works his way through all the challenges. This game can be played with neighbors who are willing to help the farmer out to complete their level challenges, but it does not depend on having neighbors to complete these challenges as some of their competition requires. It is completely up to the player if they choose to farm on their own or become part of a bigger community.

The developers of Hay Day are constantly tweaking their game to improve the gaming experience for all users. The game now offers players the opportunity to upgrade their production facilities, purchase different kinds of animals to produce unique materials need to craft products and numerous types of crops to give the farmer a wide variety of ingredients in which to create unique foods. One of the unique features of the game would be that the developers now offer the farmer the opportunity to go fishing as well as farming.

The game is completely free to download on to a device of your choice. There is an opportunity to purchase items and upgrades if the user so chooses but if they want to play a free game in it’s entirety, this game is capable of delivering this as well. Hay Day can be played on Apple as well as any Android device.

If the player has any problems or concerns, help is just a click away. The developers of this game have tried to make this game as user friendly as possible and welcome any and all comments, concerns and questions from their users. They take all concerns and questions seriously and have even set up a forum where a player can join up to get helpful tips and advice from other players.

Hay Day Conclusion

So if you’ve been searching for a fun, unique and free farming game to while away some time, Hay Day is truly a game you are going to want to try out. The more you play, the bigger and better your farm will get which will entice you play even more to develop your own, unique, one of a kind farm.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans Review

Game developer introduced Clash of Clans to the world in the summer of 2012. Since that time the title has went on to become one of the most popular and best selling strategy games for mobile devices. That’s right, Clash of Clans is a strategy based game that requires players to build up their villages, protect themselves from enemies while waging war to conquer enemy goblin hordes and other competitors.

Clash of Clans


When CoC starts players will be given a small village to manage. This village will have a town center, a few huts and a barracks. The town center is the main structure that is needed to get upgrades and to increase levels. The huts are needed to expand the population since they are necessary for housing them. Barracks are the basic military buildings that are needed to train warriors for battle.

Players will also be given a structure for producing and storing gold and for manufacturing a magical potion called elixir. The gold can be used for generating money and the potions are necessary for special upgrades and increasing special units strengths. Gems are also necessary for buying items, hiring troops and for getting weapons and equipment.

When the game begins, players will be given a tutorial by a maiden who instructs them how to set up their base, attack enemies and how to defend their lands. After players learn the basics they can then go off on their own to complete various different missions and to challenge other people. Players will eventually learn how to raid villages, set up effective defenses for repelling enemies and how to form alliances to grow even stronger.


Clash of Clans gratis edelstenen is fairly easy to learn but it is extremely difficult to master. The game’s premise is simple: protect your village while growing it into a powerful empire. What makes the game so hard to play is that there are thousands of levels to get through and there are literally up to 100 million people to compete with. That’s right, 100 million people. This means that there are plenty of Clash of Clans players who have been playing for years and have turned their villages into powerful empires that are nearly impossible to defeat.

Also, another important factor of this game is that it never ends. As long as there are people interested in this title the developers at Supercell will continue to expand, upgrade and support Clash of Clans cheats sur CoCAstuces.fr. So the game will constantly evolve and players will always have a mission to complete or battle to fight.

People should just take their time when they play this game because it is virtually never ending. They should focus on building up their resources and learning all of the ends and out of the Clash of Clans world. Resources are a key component of this game and people who are wise will learn how to amass a ton of them. That way they can use their resources for strengthening their villages and generating a powerful army for conquest. Use Clash of Clans hack free to get enough resources to fund you future upgrades etc.

Clash of Clans In-App Purchases

Gratis Clash of Clans cheats van Clash-of-Clans-Hack.nl allows people to spend money to quickly advance through the levels, to build up their defenses and to create a powerful army in little or not time at all. People who have the desire and the money to spend for this purpose should go ahead and do it because they will quickly gain the advantage over other people who are not willing to part with their dollars. Keep in mind that the in-app purchase feature can be turned off if a person (or parent) does not want this attribute to be utilized.

Clash of Clans is free to play and can be downloaded from Apple’s iStore or from Google Play. It also can be downloaded and played on PCs or purchased as a video game cartridge for gaming consoles.

Boom Beach

Boom Beach Review

You are on an island to fight battles against a crude villain named blackguard, whose sole purpose is to finish you, anyhow. It is hard to survive but you should have to save yourself, to defend you build up your base, brace up your defenses and make strategy for attacks.

Then you move on to rescue enslaved natives of the nearby islands, controlled by your enemies and to find resources which helps you to continue your operations. No! You are not at war against Al-Qaeda, just chill, its the description of the combat strategy game Boom Beach, which is a fantastic freemium (free-premium) game run on both Android and IOS.

Boom Beach

Why you should play Boom Beach?

From the plethora of strategy combat games you find Boom Beach cheats interesting. It provides a good entertainment. The vivid interface, digital greenery, and annoying pirates, ready to ravage you and eerie islands, all are inviting, intriguing and impressive for gamers.

Besides this the game, after its launch remained in top 10 for weeks and it is developed by Supercell, whose previous game ‘Clash of Clans’ was a success.

Boom Beach Gameplay

The gameplay is simple to understand yet difficult to play, you are on an tropical island with defense troops and scarce resources, you have to save yourself and at the same time you have to attack on the enemy bases controlled by computer in single player campaign or you can attack on player based bases in multiplayer campaign which you can play through in game servers.

In the game you can upgrade your troops by upgrading your headquarters, make buildings and other structures, and rescue the islanders. The enemy in the game referred as ‘Blackguard’ against him you have to win. In the game you win currencies and resources in iron, wood, stone and gold.

Sometimes you also win Diamonds as a currency (which is superior), following achievements like upgrading your headquarters, clearing your map, and destroying enemy bases.

Gameplay Strategies

1. Earn Battle points: When you attack enemy beaches you win rewards called ‘battle points’ with these points you can make battle actions like Artillery shells, Barrage, Flares, Medikits, Smoke Screen and Shock Bombs. Each one of the battle points are necessary to ensure your victory and changing the stats of game.

2. Build Radar Structure: To fight, win and conquer you have to explore the archipelago, for it you have to build Radar structure, by that you will be able to visit other islands and find the position of your enemy.

3. Make Resource Bases: Making your resource bases in the game is smart strategy. Your resource bases provides you resources, resource base is an additional base you use for particular resource. But you can never obtain gold from any resource base. You can make multiple resource bases.

4. Join Task Force: To do more fun in the game you can make task force with other players online in the game to win against Blackguard. Task force option teach you the team coordination makes it easy to win the game.


There are some similarities between ‘Supercells’ previous launch Clash of Clan and Boom Beach, still the game is perfect. If you are a Clash of Clan fan you will surely like this and if you have not played that, give it a try!